Engine & Powertrain


Being one of the only independent shops in BC who specializes in full diesel engine rebuild, we ensure that you get the most of your engine, even when it seems it is time for replacement.

With ongoing training with the three major manufacturers, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Finning CAT, diagnostic tools and accumulated experience of decades under our belt, we master the neurosurgery-like accuracy required once your engine’s head and gasket are off.

From the classic reliable N14, series 60 and 3406s to today’s ISX15, DD15 and C15, we have the ability to diagnose, take apart and effectively restore your engine’s capabilities and efficiency. With a rich and versatile parts department and innovative approach we have become the go-to guys when it comes to issues beyond standard.


Long due and requested by our loyal client base, Walker’s Powertrain rebuild shop was established in 2012 to complete a full line of service for all heavy duty diesel applications available today.

Lead by an all-around expert in engine, powertrain and general service, and equipped with the most up-to-date tools and machinery, our Delta powertrain shop allows us to provide a complete and overall service to your truck, marine or heavy duty agriculture equipment.

With top of the line designated diagnostic equipment, Magnaflux and tools, all in a dedicated shop, we stand in line with the leading powertrain facilities in BC. In our case, doing it while servicing your engine will save you money and downtime.