At WHD Group, we offer a full range of services for your heavy duty truck and trailer, be it on/off highway heavy trucks, city trucks, dump trucks, flat decks or specialized haulers.

While we specialize in diesel engine overhaul, repair and diagnostics, we also offer a variety of general mechanical services, such as HVAC service, brakes and exhaust. Through our preferred fleet management accounts, we can help lower your overall maintenance costs by providing preventative fleet maintenance for your trucks and trailers.

Our Delta shop is a designated Commercial Vehicle Inspection facility, open six days a week to accommodate your immediate needs, complete your required inspection and put you back on the highway as soon as possible. We will not let a minor repair or tune-up hold you back, and will service you with the goal of same-day completion in our mind. With our full array of diagnostic tools and computers we are guaranteed to understand and resolve any problem presented to us.

If you are having trouble with your diesel engine, or if you can’t get rid of that annoying Check Engine light, we have factory certified technicians, 50+ years of experience between us and over 200,000 parts in stock to challenge your issues quickly and efficiently.